Services We Provide

Below you will find a listing of the most common services requested, if you don't see the service
that you require listed please give us a call or email us for more information.
If you have a problem that we cannot service, we will help you find someone that can.

Computer Hardware / Software Installation or Upgrade

Save 25% on additional installations during same service event.
Here's a sampling of the type of installations and upgrades we do for this price.

Hard Drive Secondary Drive or Primary drive without operating system installation.
If Operating system needs transferred to your new drive please add $25.00 to service
Video or Audio Card
Network Card or Adaptor
Media Drive (DVD/CDR/Media Reader)
New Processor
Modem or USB Card or I/O Device
Wireless  Adaptor or PCI Adaptor
Software Application

Laptop Service
39.99 to 109.99 + Parts
LCD Screen Replacement, Mother Board Repair, DC Jack replacement, Housings Covers

Wireless Networking
Set up and connect a wireless router to your computer and existing Internet provider.
Connect an additional wireless or wired print server.
Connect and configure adaptors/bridges for up to two additional wireless connections for notebooks, desktop
systems, game consoles, media device, and media center extender.
Connect and install up to 2 adaptors or bridges into a combination of Apple, Microsoft Windows and Linux based
Configure and demonstrate file sharing across the network.
Configure a WIFI-capable PDA or WIFI mobile device.
Configure residential broadband phone service/VOIP adapter. (Requires an existing high-speed Internet
Make sure your network is WEP-encrypted. This helps prevent unauthorized use of your wireless signal.

Computer Cleaning
The accumulation of dust particles in your computer can lead to trouble, causing overheating which can lead to
system hardware failure. Let us decontaminate your PC.

Windows and Linux Systems
Optimize computer hard drive and system performance.
Locate and fix corrupt files and drivers.
Update, scan, remove and patch any existing viruses software.
Update latest Windows patches and updates.
Remove obsolete and unwanted files
Secure PC from unauthorized access
Remove Spyware and viruses
Clean inside/outside computer
Backup personal files, drivers and email
Clean/Wipe Hard Drive
Install printers, scanners, peripherals and software
Optimize Internet connection speeds
Evaluate computer systems

Operating System Installation
All versions of Windows
Linux you decide on distribution, Boxed set or download editions

Virus / Spyware
removal of malicious programs on a PC including, but not limited to, Trojans, Virus, Spyware, Adware, Hijacker &

System Restoration CD / DVD Creation
If you have your home pc or business server setup with everything you need for your day to day or business
needs we can create a custom CD / DVD restoration disk set so you can restore your system to its current
configuration with all software and drivers so you wont need to spend hours setting up and reinstalling all your
software and system settings.

Remote PC Support
If you have a high speed Internet connection we can connect to you and fix your problems
Discounts for those who
protect and serve

Law Enforcement:  25%

Fire Fighters:          25%

EMS :                      25%

Military:                   25%

Documented proof must
be presented to qualify
for discounts.
Ohio residence only
unless prior
arrangements have
been made.
When we service your PC or Notebook, we take every precaution
to protect your data - but you should always BACK-UP your data
before dropping your computer or laptop off for service, anywhere.

Please let us know if you either cannot backup your data or do
not know how to back up your data, and we will assist you.
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All Prices listed are labor only and excludes hardware and or software
unless otherwise noted. We will not install windows on any computer
without a valid COA from Microsoft. Linux installs will be preformed from any
boxed set or download version.